• Yale Pagulayan

Love In The Time of COVID-19: How To Plan A Wedding in Alberta

As COVID-19 continues to plague the world, there are certain changes and adjustments that we need to take not only to protect ourselves but also to protect our community. Different health protocols and certain restrictions have been put into place in order to help combat this virus and Alberta is no exception to this. 

In Aberta, certain restrictions and guidelines must be followed by everyone wanting to hold their wedding ceremonies in this time of pandemic. But as we all know, love is the only force in the world that cannot be stopped by anything—not even by a global pandemic. 

So, for all the strong and courageous couples out there, this article is especially for you. Read on to know more about how to plan a wedding in Alberta during this time of pandemic.

1) Make Sure All Your Legal Requirements Are Complete

Before anything else, make sure all your legal requirements are complete and valid. You can find more information about Alberta marriage licenses here. Whether it’s a civil or religious wedding ceremony, it is important that you ensure that the person who officiates your wedding be one who is authorized to do the same. If you’re planning to have a religious wedding ceremony, you can check with your local religious organization or church for competent religious wedding officiants. 

2) Check Prevailing Health Protocols

Since we’re already in the new normal, there are now certain restrictions and health standards that must be complied with before we can do certain activities. For indoor weddings for example, Alberta specifically limits wedding attendees to a maximum of 50 persons—the band, staff, wedding guests and the couple included. For outdoor weddings on the other hand, Alberta allows up to 100 persons to attend—again, everyone included.

Moreover, remember to advise your wedding guests to practice social distancing, proper hygiene and if possible, to wear face masks. Also, if any of your wedding guests experience these COVID-19 symptoms, ask them to isolate and skip attending the ceremony for their own safety as well as for the safety of everyone who will attend. Solo plated food instead of buffet areas are also more advisable to decrease chances of food contamination and/or the accidental spreading of bodily fluids such as saliva.

3) Set a Wedding Budget—And Stick To It!

More often than not, weddings can get pretty expensive. From dresses, to the food and to the other wedding expenses, the cost can pile up quickly. To help you set a wedding budget (and stick to it!), it can be helpful to set a timetable and create a list of priorities. It’s easy to get all caught up and distracted by the wedding craze and madness. But with a straight goal in place, you can prevent this from happening.

To do this, it may be helpful to ask yourself these questions:

  • How good is my financial situation as of the moment?

  • Can I afford a grand wedding ceremony today?

  • How much am I willing to spend for the wedding clothes and food?

  • Do I prefer a big wedding celebration or a simple but heartfelt ceremony?

4) Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

One of the most important decisions you’ll make in wedding planning is choosing your wedding venue. Your wedding venue has a lot of impact in the overall feel of your wedding so be sure to choose wisely. Whether you are opting for a more intimate elopement ceremony or a grander wedding ceremony, Banff offers a wide array of options that are truly spectacular and magical. For safety reasons, you may want to opt for an outdoor wedding ceremony so that the air circulation would be better and social distancing would be more strictly observed. 

5) Choose A Reliable Wedding Photographer

Lastly, choose a reliable wedding photographer that can match your vibe and connect with you genuinely. As the wedding photographs are no less important than the wedding ceremony itself, it is necessary that your wedding photographer is someone who meets all your needs. You wouldn’t want to miss some of the most important moments of your wedding day! :)