• Yale Pagulayan

Picture Perfect: 3 Best Tips To Get the Best Wedding Photos

You and your partner’s wedding ceremony is the best testament of your love and devotion to each other. Your wedding is the union of two souls who vow to ‘have and to hold’ each other ‘for better or for worse.’

Truly, it’s one of the most important moments in your lives. You’d want to preserve it so you can always relive it for the rest of your days. 

Through the power of photographs, you can make this happen. This is why it’s important that your wedding photos capture the true essence of that very special moment.   

Here are some of the best tips so that you can get the best wedding photos of your life. Read on to know more!

1. Implement the no-cellphone rule

While cellphones are usually harmless, they can sometimes steal the spotlight from where it’s supposed to be. Since a wedding ceremony is supposed to be full of love and emotions, it’s good to implement a no-cellphone rule during the wedding ceremony. 

This can help make the wedding ceremony feel more genuine because it helps take the attention off of the mobile device and into the union taking place. Everyone will feel more in-the-moment and feel more connected to the magic that is happening in front of them when they’re not distracted by their phones.

Moreover, wedding guests who take pictures of the wedding ceremony can sometimes get in the way of the wedding photographer’s shots. Sometimes, potentially perfect shots can get ruined because of extra hands or phones dangling over the aisle. 

Also, your wedding photographer can have the opportunity to take photos of not just you but as well as your wedding guests’ genuine reactions as the wedding ceremony is taking place. Surely, teary-eyed smiles are better than busy heads looking down at their phones, right?

2. Make Sure Everyone Is Punctual and Organized

Nothing ruins a perfect wedding photo more than people who do not know where to place themselves. Inform your wedding guests beforehand where they’re supposed to sit/stand and when they’re supposed to be in the wedding venue. Also, have someone who can usher the guests and engage with them. This way, they can stay organized and your resulting wedding photos can come out perfect.

3. Choose the perfect time and location

Having the perfect backdrop absolutely makes taking wedding photos a breeze. However, there are still so many factors that will affect your wedding photos come the wedding ceremony. Like the time of the day when you choose to celebrate it or the weather during the day of your wedding. For starters, if you want to have your wedding day in one of the most magical places on Earth, then surely you’ll love these Banff wedding venues. Choose a location that can bring out the best in that special moment.

Also, if you want wedding pictures that evoke the most genuine emotions, try scheduling your wedding ceremony during the golden hours of the day. These hours happen typically on the first hour after sunset and on the last hour before sunset. So stay up-to-date on predictions of when these hours will occur.

Bonus Tip: Surely, your wedding photos will be one of your most treasured belongings in this life. It pays to invest in a reliable and professional wedding photographer to help you document this once-in-a-lifetime fairytale moment of yours in the best way possible.