• Yale Pagulayan

Rachel & Jameson's Adventure Session in Banff National Park

It was 5PM when we met at the parking lot at Norquay Lookout and the rain was pouring hard. We were all still inside the cars because we were contemplating whether or not we should push through with the shoot. We waited a few minutes and Jameson decided to get out and check how bad we were going to get drenched if we shoot under the trees. As it turns out, it's not so bad when you're shooting under hundreds of gigantic trees so we decided to just wing it.

We did a few photos under the rain. Despite being wet, I promise you it's still fun and makes for great photos! The ground was so wet that Rachel decided to just do the shoot barefoot. After about 10 minutes, the rain stopped and it was instant sunshine! This made for amazing photos for the rest of the shoot.

After Norquay Lookout, we drove to Lake Minnewanka and captured breathtaking photos! Because it rained so hard that day, nobody was out and we had the lakes almost all to ourselves. Isn't that amazing?!

Lesson for the day:

There's always sunshine after the rain (literally).

Sometimes you just need to wait it out!

P.S. Big thanks to Rachel and Jameson for being so down dancing in the rain!