• Yale Pagulayan

The Great Banffventures: Top 10 Romantic Shooting Places in Banff

First of all Welcome! Whether it’s for an engagement shoot, a wedding shoot, vow renewal shoot, family shoot or just because! I want to send the both of you my warmest wishes. Ever since I was young, I have always been a firm believer of love. Today, as I pursue my passion for all things lovely and true, love became my religion. Bearing witness to these magical moments are what I live for and to be your photographer is both an honor and pleasure for me.

If you’re unsure where you want the shoot to be, don’t worry ‘cause I got your back. I’ve been to many beautiful places but nothing beats the intimate, serene, and majestic vibe that Banff offers its willing guests. In my quest for the exotic and the beautiful, I’ve found some of the most breathtaking sites in Banff.

Here’s a list of Banff’s most romantic shooting places! 

1. Moraine Lake

This glacially-fed lake is the most magical spot in Banff National Park. Especially during the month of June, Moraine Lake turns itself into an enchanting azure blue wonderland reflecting the perfect blue sky and offering an awe-inspiring glimpse of Canadian heaven. 

2. Lake Louise

Considered as the jewel of Banff National Park, Lake Louise is a proud owner of clear emerald waters and postcard-worthy views. Lake Louise is especially magical during the winter season when the surrounding mountains of the lake are capped with the whitest of snows—a charming  contrast to its lush greeneries and clear emerald waters.

3. Lake Minnewanka

Just 11 km. northeast of Banff, the largest lake within Banff National Park is waiting for you. Lake Minnewanka, the favorite spot of the famous Bighorn Sheep, is probably one of the most mysterious lakes in Banff. Many scuba divers dive here to visit the lake’s infamous ‘underwater ghost town.’ It’s the ideal shooting spot for couples who love mystery and adventure!

4. Mt. Norquay Lookout

Mt. Norquay Lookout is one of my favorite places to shoot. It’s not hard to see why! The splendid aerial view at Mt. Norquay Lookout is rivaled by none. There are so many great things about Mt. Norquay but Via Ferrata is my adventurous soul’s favorite. Who’s up for a rockstar-badass engagement shoot by the cliff? I know you are!

5. Vermilion Lakes

I’ve never seen sunsets more magical than those I’ve witnessed at Vermilion Lakes. The blues, pinks, violets, and yellows of the sky coupled with the all-reflecting lake is indeed a sight to behold. Want a unique and beautiful sunset shoot? Vermilion Lakes is where it’s at!

6. Cascades of Time Gardens

Far from the city’s hustle and bustle, Cascades of Time Gardens’ tranquil vibe will surely captivate anyone. Built in the 1930’s, this garden boasts a rich history embedded in its every rock and every tree. The garden’s beautiful pavilions, gazebos, and terraced landscapes definitely make for great photoshoot backdrops.

7. Surprise Corner Viewpoint

Living up to its name, Surprise Corner Viewpoint offers its guests the most surprising (and most astonishing!) view of the “Castle of the Canadian Rockies” (aka the famous Banff Springs Hotel). It probably got its name from the fact that there is no sign marking the viewpoint. Evidently, it ‘surprises’ you with a stunning albeit unforeseen view. Definitely a must-find!

8. Bow Lake

This alluring lake by the Continental Divide hits the spot perfectly. Bow Lake offers a great panoramic view of the Canadian Rockies and boasts clear and calm waters perfect for shooting intimate engagement shoots.

9. Peyto Lake

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, Peyto Lake’s unparalleled beauty is a sight to behold. Its waters have a great vibrant blue color due to the rock particles flowing into the lake. Shimmering at daytime and exhilaratingly bewitching at sunset, Peyto Lake is surely one of the top choices for wedding shoots. 

10. Banff Pedestrian Bridge

Last but definitely not the least is Banff Pedestrian Bridge. Stretching over Bow River, this vintagey-mysterious bridge has a snow-capped mountain view coupled with the luscious greenery in the surroundings. You can say it has the best of both worlds!

Undeniably, Banff is one of Canada’s most sacred gems. Make your special day more memorable by shooting with me in the most beautiful place on Earth. I can’t wait to document your beautiful love story. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go where wild hearts go!